I want 8 POLITICAL NEWS JOURNAL. They must be 8 different topics to write.

Students are expected to watch and journal notes on a minimum of 30 minutes of political news for eight weeks during the semester. Most news sources are acceptable, with the exception of celebrity gossip outlets. Each week of notes should include the program name, outlet (cable, television, online, etc.), date viewed, and two paragraphs or 10 bullet points outlining the information presented during the program. Be sure to view a variety of news outlets. Journal notes may be hand written or typed. The journal will be turned in with a 1-2 paged typed paper summarizing the political news and connecting it to the course material. The paper must be stapled to the political news journal and turned in together.

Make sure you follow the instruction clearly and 8 different topics please


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Political News Journal

Article One

Our first political news analysis is derived from the news article https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-fed/trumps-fed-picks-draw-political-fire-as-they-angle-for-the-job-idUSKCN1RL31O published by an American-based media house Reuters on April 10, 2019. Notably, the article focuses on critics of the American president’s pick on the position of Federal Reserve Board. Herman Cain’s and Stephen Moore’s names were submitted to the US Senate, being proposed to be Fed’s board of governors after being proposed by Donald Trump.

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Cloud computing

Cloud computing
Apply appropriate theories, including Request for Comments (RFCs), within the cybersecurity science and technology to evaluate and mitigate risk context of uncertainty. You can also bring forth both the pro and con positions currently being discussed on the topic.

Topic is cloud computing for small business enterprises

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Cloud computing is not entirely a new concept that has picked up in recent years, but it is one that has been applied in various big or small businesses ever since the inception of the internet (Denis, Chris & Tom 2011). Most small business are usually structured with the element of a server and a  number of computers which are connected to the server and this is what is commonly referred to a network information system, but when it comes to cloud computing the presence of the server is the notable change.

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To write a formal, completely researched and documented essay

To write a formal, completely researched and documented essay


  • To work within a meaningful rhetorical situation
  • To select and arrange information that meets the rhetorical situation
  • To successfully put into practice a strategies for argumentative writing
  • To establish credibility in your writing through research and documented support

Audience: Academic audience

Length: 4-7 pages, Times Roman font.

Process: You have been investigating a matter of exigence within a relevant discourse community and the ongoing conversation that is taking place from a number of sources throughout the semester. Now you further develop your focus by taking a position regarding a debatable issue and compose an essay that presents your conclusions. Through the use of your acquired research, as well as with any additional sources you wish to provide, you will discuss your position or concept in a focused and fully documented research paper, attaching a properly constructed documentation style reference page. Do not recycle exploratory essays or allow your research paper to be a compilation of summaries and observations from your annotated bibliography. Attempts to submit an essay that is a combination of text from earlier essays will be considered self-plagiarism and will be treated as such. Your topic might be the same, but your essay must be restructured and rewritten as a newly completed essay, not a revised version of your initial inquiry or a continual cutting and pasting of annotations.


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Innovativeness as a Catalyst for Success in Business

Not every firm that ventures into business ultimately manages to make a significant impact in the industry in which the investors allocate their investment. On the contrary, there have been cases in which businesses started out so well but soon lost their market share to new entrants, and had to close down or merge with other firms to remain viable

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Safety and Agency Responsibility

Safety and Agency Responsibility

In a 3 page APA format paper: Create Draft a plan for a human services organization explaining how to address traumatic emergency situations. Include both how to respond to the emergency and how to address any long-term effects. Finally, based on this weeks resources and your personal experiences, explain your greatest concern about the safety of mental health professionals working in a human services organization.

Note: (Introduction) Please explain the purpose of the assignment and explain what the paper will address. This should be within the first paragraph of the paper

When you walk into a human services organization, do you think about your safety? What about when you prepare to make a home visit or attend a meeting in the community? As a social worker, you may find yourself in situations in which your personal safety is at risk. Although you, as an administrator, cannot prepare for every situation, you should be proactive and put a plan into place to address issues related to workplace violence in the event that it occurs.

For this Assignment, focus on the Zelnick et al. article on workplace violence and consider what plan you might want to have in place if you were an administrator having to address a similar workplace violence situation.

This weeks resources Listed blow :

Lauffer, A. (2011). Understanding your social agency (3rd ed.). Washington, DC: Sage.

  • Chapter 10, “Agency Structure and Change” (pp. 324–352)

Link to access book: https://books.google.com/books?id=jy3WdsENw6IC&pg=PR4&dq=Lauffer,+A.+(2011).+Understanding+your+social+agency+(3rd+ed.).+Washington,+DC:+Sage.&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjx-PP12sThAhXEjFkKHX7gBboQ6AEIMDAB#v=onepage&q=Lauffer%2C%20A.%20(2011).%20Understanding%20your%20social%20agency%20(3rd%20ed.).%20Washington%2C%20DC%3A%20Sage.&f=false

Northouse, P. G. (2018). Introduction to leadership: Concepts and practice (4th ed.). Washington, DC: Sage.

  • Review Chapter 10, “Listening to Out-Group Members” (pp. 217-237)
  • Chapter 11, “Managing Conflict” (pp. 239-271)
  • Chapter 13, “Overcoming Obstacles” (pp. 301-319)

Link to access book: https://books.google.com/books?id=tEoSDgAAQBAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=Northouse,+P.+G.+(2018).+Introduction+to+leadership:+Concepts+and+practice+(4th+ed.).+Washington,+DC:+Sage.&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiGg-rg2cThAhUSjVkKHWvrAT0Q6AEIKjAA#v=onepage&q&f=false

Zelnick, J. R., Slayter, E., Flanzbaum, B., Butler, N., Domingo, B., Perlstein, J., & Trust, C. (2013). Part of the job? Workplace violence in Massachusetts social service agencies. Health & Social Work, 38(2), 75–85.

(Use other scholarly resources if needed)


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Traumatic Emergency Incidences Facing Organizations

In the current world, there is a wide range of incidences which occur on a daily basis. Crime levels have increased and terrorist activities happen often. Global warming has also led to a rise in natural disasters such as hurricanes and tsunamis due to the rise in sea levels. Tragic accidents such as fire outbreaks at workplaces have been recorded in various countries which have left some dead and many healing both physical and emotional scars.

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“Captain of the Ship” Project – Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders?

“Captain of the Ship” Project – Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders?

In this Assignment, you become the “captain of the ship” as you provide treatment recommendations and identify medical management, community support resources, and follow-up plans for a client with an obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Recommend psychopharmacologic treatments based on therapeutic endpoints for clients with obsessive-compulsive disorders
Recommend psychotherapy based on therapeutic endpoints for clients with obsessive-compulsive disorders

No. References not older than 5 years. APA formatting. pleas include an introduction and conclusion.Thanks

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

The obsessive compulsive disorder is a disorder that is characterized by experiencing recurring unwanted thoughts, ideas that drive them to do the same thing repeatedly. Researchers have not yet pinpointed the real cause of OCD (Hirschtritt, Bloch & Mathews, 2017). Most think it is caused by a combination of effects that is neurobiological, cognitive and genetics among others.

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Tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon don’t do their own manufacturing. Instead they use CEMs (Contract Electronics Manufacturers) in countries where labor costs are low and the technical skills needed are available.

There have been numerous scandals relating to these outsourcers – low wages, long work hours, oppressive environment, injurious work conditions, etc.

After the latest scandal, your teenage daughter/son/cousin exclaims: How can you continue to own an iPhone (or Surface or Echo or Kindle)?!

How would you respond? (Even if you don’t have one of these products put yourself in this position.)

  1. Post your response (250 words) to this issue.
  2. Post at least two comments (minimum 50 words each) to other students’ responses.

1st student ;

Customers are more concerned about the launch of the new iPhone or iPad on the market than the working conditions of the manufacturing factories. I would respond in an ethical standpoint by explaining that the Contract Electronics Manufacturing facilities of these companies involve working conditions that may not appear to be favorable to us but could mean everything to the ones producing these products. We need to remember that there are many poor families in these countries depending on these manufacturing jobs. There is a risk that these contract workers will lose their livelihood if Apple or Microsoft decide to move to some other country.

In addition, manufacturing in the U.S. or any other developed country will result only in higher costs for these products ‘ customers (AKA my child). Instead of focusing on improving working conditions in one or two companies, the focus needs to be on improving the production environment in these countries through laws and regulations (China, Taiwan, Korea, etc.). Something one must understand is that companies such as Apple and Microsoft can do very little unless local manufacturers change their ways because of their own constraints.

I have an Iphone through my company as well as an Echo at home for personal use, and while the labor environment is very concerning, it will not deter me from purchasing one if these devices as I am a very price sensitive customer who does not need the latest electronic, but rather wait for a price drop on an older model.

2nd student :

Tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon outsource many CEMS in other countries, usually to exploit labor or cost arbitrage. Ethically, consumers should care about the working conditions at the Contract Electronics Manufacturing facilities of these companies, but most do not think about how these products are made or what conditions they were made in. When consumers do think about this issue, many of us do not like the fact that these outsourced CEM’s are working on poor conditions, but we feel helpless to the cause. Consumers can protest, boycott, start riots, etc. to start the conversation in improving these working conditions, but in most cases that does not work.

By outsourcing these skills, the companies identified can focus on their core-competencies and create better efficiency. Manufacturing in the United States, or any other developed country, will lead to an increase in the cost of these products for customers – and many of us focus on the price when buying tech products to try and get the best deal. Additionally, in these underdeveloped areas, many poor families in these countries depend on these manufacturing jobs, even if they are in terrible working conditions.

The best way to fix this problem is to focus the regulations behind these manufacturing factories in underdeveloped countries and outsourcing to them. Companies can still save on labor costs because the cost to live in these countries is much lower than in the United States, but we should be able to protect these workers from long work hours, an oppressive environment, injurious work conditions, etc.


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Ethical Issues in Outsourcing

Discussion Response

My response to the question would be based on two factors, quality and authority, explained from a perspective understandable to the child. While the child may not understand outsourcing in the sense of the word as used in the context of business, she may understand it from a perspective of the different products she uses that give her some form of contentment. For instance, she prefers playing video games on the PS gaming machine as opposed to X Box.

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Cultural- Describe communication barriers between America n Indians and health care

Cultural- Describe communication barriers between America n Indians and health care

  • Identify ways in which the Navajo folk medicine directly affects health-seeking behaviors.
  • Describe communication barriers between American Indians and health care providers and what nursing behaviors can address these issues.

300 words APA Format

Must cite two current references from progressional nursing or medical journals

Current = 2014 or newe


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The Navajo folk medicine and its impact on health-seeking behaviors.


The Navajo folk refers to the traditional healers who used natural cures to heal diseases. The Navajo folk medicine has remained preserved through the pass of generations as Navajo people have always relied on ancient medicinal practices as the primary solution to healing diseases. However, modernity has seen residents from the Navajo Nation incorporating contemporary medicine in the society following the establishment of modern Western hospitals on the reservation (Cunningham & Andrews, 2017).

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Write in MLA paper

Write in MLA paper

Below are four programs that address the issue of sustainability. Some are local and some are

national but may have local chapters. Research each of them and answer the 3 following

questions for each, putting the information into your own words.

1. What is each organization’s mission? Write the mission in your own words.

2. Is the organization local, national, or international, or is it a mix of the three?

3. How does the organization address sustainability? Describe this in your own words.

***Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA)

****The Heifer Project

****The Slow Food Movement

****The Food Tank


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Sustainability programs

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA)

The mission for this program is to set up a good system for viable food that is good for the consumers, good for the local farmers and the land. This program helps the residents of Carolina to grow and eat the local, organic food by promoting the food policies band fair farm, helps in the building of systems for organic family farms need to flourish, and educating the residents about the importance of local organic farming

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Management Effectiveness Using Technology Resources

Management Effectiveness Using Technology Resources

The company that you are working for is considering buying another smaller firm. However, there is some business analysis needed for your company to make its final decision about purchasing. Throughout this course, you will be working on creating the Business Strategy and Management Plan.

Keep in mind that the final Business Strategy and Management Plan template should contain the following elements:

  • Title page
  • Course number and name
  • Project name
  • Your name
  • Date
  • Table of contents
    • Auto-generated
    • Up-to-date
    • Maximum of 3 levels deep
  • Section headings

For Week 1, you will make a qualitative evaluation of the industry’s strategic position using Porter’s five forces. Just create As a preview, each section will contain the following subsections:

  • Qualitative Evaluation of the Industry’s Strategic Position (Week 1 IP)
    • Choose an aspect of the information technology (IT) industry that has not been previously used as an example in this course. Use Porter’s five forces to make a qualitative evaluation of the industry’s strategic position. Be sure to explain each of the five forces as well as explain how they relate to your chosen industry.
      • Note: The mobile phone industry was provided as an example in the video material and may not be used as the subject for this assignment.
    • Remember to include the following elements (Porter’s five forces):
      • Threat of new entrants: Are new entrants being attracted to the market, and are there barriers to entry in the industry?
      • Threat of substitute products or services: Are there other products that could be alternatives to offerings in the chosen industry?
      • Bargaining power of customers: What degree of bargaining power do the buyers have in terms of putting the industry under pressure to provide more products or less cost?
      • Bargaining power of suppliers: What is the importance of raw materials, components, labor, and services that are required for the industry, and are there substitutes for those inputs? Discuss the possibility of switching suppliers, if necessary.
      • Intensity of competitive rivalry: Does the industry have a sustainable competitive advantage

      ***Research and Analyze another IT company***


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E-commerce involves buying and selling products over the internet. Here we are evaluating the industry’s position and how it will purchase a smaller firm without incurring any losses. We also focus on how the five forces as stated by porter help or play a role in the effective planning done to purchase the said smaller firm and how it will integrate with the larger firm.


Technology resources can well be defined as the devices or even information that is used in providing help by divulging information to questions that people may have (Laudon & Traver, 2016). In this paper, we will be looking at how to maintain management effectiveness using technology resources in an e-commerce industry.  

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Wendell Berry themes

Wendell Berry themes

Choose one passage, quote, or event from Part II of Jayber Crow that you feel really embodies or expresses one of the main themes of the novel — that tells us what Berry wants us to understand about the politics/theory of community, being human, power, freedom, etc. Explain how this passage encapsulates something important about Berry’s political theory, and think about how it contributes to the larger dialogue of Western Political Thought.

Often I have not known where I was going until I was already there…Often I have received better than I have deserved. Often my fairest hopes have rested on bad mistakes. I am an ignorant pilgrim, crossing a dark valley. And yet for a long time, looking back, I have been unable to shake off the feeling that I have been led–make of that what you will.” (133)

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the book is called Jayber Crow by wendell berry
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Wendell Berry Themes

Uncertainty in human activities has often been subject to criticism as well as support, in some cases people appreciating the ability to engage in various activities without too much concern over the outcome of such activities. Thinking critically at different events in anyone’s history, there has often been cases in which one experiences outcomes from various situations, which he or she may not have anticipated. This explains Wendell Berry’s position on being human, and existence of situations in which one may experience more than he or she deserved for different activities in his or her lifetime (Berry 133). Citing his last paragraph in introducing The Gay Bird’s Heel, berry highlights the state of being human, and the limited control people have over their environment and their future.

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