Can you write a history research paper?

Can you write a history research paper?

General Overview: This research project will examine the impact of exploration, movement, and colonization in the Atlantic world from a social, economic, technological, and/or political perspective. One aspect of the impact should be evaluated and traced over at least a century of activity. In conclusion, this research project will analyze the remnant of that impact that can still be evidenced today in the Americas, Africa, Caribbean, and/or Europe.

Examples: The development of new international law in relation to discoveries of European nations; The environmental or cultural impact of European or American commodities moved across the Atlantic (potatoes, sugar, grain crops, etc); The migration of different groups in the New World in specific places of settlement and their cultural legacy (which can include voluntary and involuntary migrants, ie: slaves, colonizers from differing nations, etc).

Research Objectives & Questions to be Discussed in Your Essay:

What were the short- and long-term effects of the impact on various groups of people affected by your chosen topic?
How did groups of people and/or societies behave prior to the impact?
How were people and/or societies benefited and harmed by the impact (negative and positive outcomes)
What are evidences of the legacy of this impact that can still be seen today?
General Research Essay Requirements

Your completed essay must be at least 850 words. All essays must be double-spaced, using margins to not exceed 1″, and using a font that is no larger than 12 pt.
Do not include any headers with name, course, paper titles, etc. If a student wishes to include this information, it must be contained on a single cover sheet.
The essay must include at least one primary AND one secondary source (explanation of the differences can be found here).
The essay must include one image that is either a primary or secondary document. The image should have a caption of 50-100 words explaining its relevance to the essay project. The image can be embedded within the text essay or attached as a separate page.
Cite all sources used for research. The preferred citation style for the essay is the Turabian/Chicago style. Common citation styles for this format can be found at the University of Chicago Press Turabian Citation Guide website.
All KNAC projects must contain a Works Cited page, and must use either footnotes or endnotes; Works Cited and notations do not count toward required page/word count of the project.
Submit the finished project through the assignment link shown below Option 4. Attach all documents (essay, supporting documentation, illustrations, journals, etc.). Submission of the essay portion must be in a .doc or .docx file type.




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Thesis statement: Colonization had a lot of impacts some which can still be evidenced today in the Americans, Africa, Caribbean and as well as Europe.

Colonization refers to the process or action of settling amidst and establishing control over the people who have been living in that area (indigenous people). In the Atlantic world, the impact of colonization was highly felt by the affected people. Some of these effects were short and as well as long-term consequences.

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