case projects, critical thinking

case projects, critical thinking

CASE 1-1


You’re installing a new network for CSM Tech Publishing, a new publisher of technical books and training materials. There will be 10 client computers running Windows 10, and CSM Tech Publishing plans to run a web-based order processing/inventory program that for now is used only by in-house employees while they’re on site. CSM Tech Publishing wants to be able to manage client computer and user policies and allow employees to share documents. Sign in and security should be centrally managed. What network model, workgroup, or domain, should be used? Explain your answer, including any server roles you may need to install.

Case Project 1-2

CASE 1-2


CSM Tech Publishing has been operating for six months, and business is good. You do a spot check on server resources and find that RAM use is at 50%, which is fine, but the data volume on the server used by employees to store and share documents is approaching 90% full. There are two volumes on this server: one for OS and program files and one for data storage. You inspect the data volume and find that some users are storing large amounts of data on the server. You check with the owner and determine that each user should require only about 4 GB of storage on the server for necessary documents. Because some users are clearly exceeding this limit, you’re asked to come up with a solution. What file system option can you use, and which file system format must be used with this option?

Case Project 1-3

CASE 1-3


The owner of CSM Tech Publishing is always thinking about how he can use technology to improve the operation of his business. He read an article about cloud computing and has asked you to explain what cloud computing is and whether he needs it now or in the future for more efficient operations. Write a memo explaining what cloud computing is and whether you recommend using any form of it now or in the future.

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Case Projects, Critical Thinking

CASE 1-1


CSM Tech Publishing in order to optimize software and hardware use it needs to be using the safest and the best technology Information technology. In this case, I recommend a Three-Layer Network Model which will optimize research and system function (Budianto and Yunus). A three-layer design model is a network design that breaks complex problems into smaller problems in the network. Each tier or network in the respective hierarchy addresses a different set of problems. This will assist the company and the designer in optimizing of both hardware and software in the network.

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