Commuications and Interviews.

Commuications and Interviews.

Two Short Dicussion Board Questions.

  • 1 Discuss past job interviews that you have had and what you feel you did right and where you feel you could have improved. How do you feel about virtual interviews, and why? Have you ever had one?
  • 2 RESPOND to this Students response: (Savanna) I have never had an interview before but I have heard from others who have had interviews that did not go well. Based on what I have learned from their experiences, I know it is extremely important to listen to what the interviewer says and the questions that are asked. For example, a friend had an interview and the woman interviewing her was discussing the close-knit group that works together. The job she was applying for was for one of the positions in the group. After this discussion, the woman asked my friend if she preferred to work in a group or work alone to which my friend answered she rather work alone. Based on this I knew immediately that she did not say the right thing. I learned from this situation that it is important to listen to the interviewer and understand all questions as they are being asked. I think a better answer would have been, “I am eager to work with a team closely because I am unable to do so in my current job position.” The only reason my friend said she rather work alone was because of her working conditions at her current job.I think virtual interviews are interesting. Because of the increase in technology, virtual interviews were no surprise. In all honesty though, I really do not see a point in virtual interviews. I would much rather go to an actual interview and get to meet the person and talk face-to-face rather than talk on the phone or Skype. But in theory, I guess it is all the same. Virtual interviews definitely save time.




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Communication and Interviews

Job interviews are not always similar, and one gains experience on show to go about the process based on experience. In one interview, I walked into a room with three individuals, whom I learned were from the human resource department after getting the opportunity. However, I was so nervous at the beginning of the interview that I ended up shaking the hands of two of the team members twice. It was my first job interview ever, and got to learn so much about the process from the experience that has helped me since. I was keen enough to follow the panel’s cue on how to relax, which ended up being a significant contributor to success in the interview.

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