Critical Summary

Critical Summary

All I need is a critical summary of the attached articles, one paragraph per each article followed with one argument paragraph (see the outline below for more clarification). Also, 4 critical questions taken or related from the readings’ content. I need it to be done at Sunday 8:00am.

Pages: 2 or 2.5 pages approximately

Word: 1100 (Requirement***), Single-Space, 12 size-font.

Deadline: Sep 30th, Sunday 8:00am

Suggested outline:

Title: Personalism and Dignity of the Human Person

1stParagraph – Summary of article 1

2edParagraph – Summary of article 2

3edParagraph – Summary of article 3

4thParagraph – Argument

4 critical questions






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Personalism and Dignity of the Human Person
According to the article ‘The Need for Economic Personalism’, written by Gregory Gronbatcher and published in the Journal of Markets and Morality in 2012, theology offers a good insight into human behavior. The essay revolves around economic personalism in its historical, philosophical and practical components. The research attempts to answer the question ‘What is economic personalism?’ The author begins with a definition of economic personalism as a science of the morality of the markets. 

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