Final Project Case Study Analysis

Final Project Case Study Analysis

For your Cloud Computing Final Project, complete a case study to provide a practical reference to help enterprise Information Technology (IT) and business decision-makers adopt cloud computing to solve business challenges. The case study provides a way to evaluate the market from the point of view of your organization to select a cloud architecture and an implementation approach through the use of house staff, cloud vendor(s), or both.

An organization is expected to have any or all of the Cloud Computing models, depending on its needs for speed of execution, available resources, data protection and security needs, and an array of other reasons. Based on your case study, choose the most efficient cloud service and deployment model for your organization. As the organization’s consultant, provide accurate guidance to decision-makers on the selection of cloud service and deployment models. Take into consideration the organization’s size, IT Infrastructure, and other needs.

Follow the Step-by-Step Cloud Computing Prescriptive Series to guarantee a successful cloud deployment from the perspective of the cloud service consumer. During the Intersession, you completed steps 1-7 of your project for review. Use the feedback from the intersession assignments as you write your final analysis. Additionally, add steps 8-10 to your final analysis.


  1. Assemble your team
  2. Develop a business case and an enterprise cloud strategy
  3. Select cloud deployment model(s)
  4. Select cloud service model(s)
  5. Determine who will develop, test, and deploy the cloud services
  6. Develop governance policies and service agreements
  7. Assess and resolve security and privacy issues
  8. Integrate with existing enterprise services
  9. Develop a proof-of-concept (POC) before moving to production
  10. Manage the cloud environment

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Summary of the Cloud Implementation project

         Assemble your team: the team of experts that is necessary for the implementation of cloud computing is mainly from the information technology department of the company. Cloud computing is a technology that enables the company to have unlimited access to safe and infinite storage space for its data. Customer interfaces are also created in the cloud systems hence reducing the load which is directly directed on the company’s computer systems. Before the emergence of cloud computing companies had no security guarantee for data and the storage space was only limited to the actual disc space in the company. 


         Develop a business case and an enterprise cloud strategy: The cloud computing suggestion must have convincing ideas to the management on the benefits which it brings to the company.

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