IMP … one authority and its relevance to your paper

IMP … one authority and its relevance to your paper

Draft Paper Title with at least 4 legal authorities

Describe one authority and its relevance to your paper


Based on students’ suggestions, the class will carve out a few key issues and current issues from the very broad topic International Economic Law. These issues will build on the initial discussions of the definitions of the words in the course title – internationaleconomicand law – . Also, the issues will fall within the scope of the class’s definition of international economic law.

From the many topics that were identified by you, the course will cover: international trade, international monetary law, sovereignty, foreign investment, and social issues. For each sub-topic, the readings, assignments and discussions should include consideration of the relevant ❶ideas at creation, ❷rules, ❸institutions (governmental and non-governmental) and ❹dispute settlement within that sub-topic. Many of the assignments and readings will be designed to familiarize you with key terms and legal authorities.

I would like to speak about the legislative authority in the IMF and remember one case and a number of points



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The IMF is a governing body that works enhance global growth and economic stability through the provision of advice, financing, and enactment of policies to its member states. The IMF works with the developing countries to enable them to reduce poverty index and achieve macroeconomic stability. Besides, the IMF has measures in place to guarantee impartiality, honesty, and integrity during the discharge of its obligations (IMF, 2019).

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