Observation Report of child

Observation Report of child

1.Introduction: Description of the child’s school and the number of students and specialists/adults in the classroom at the time of the observation. Minimum of one page.

2. A short description of your personal perspectives and insights in reference to the course readings while observing the child in the classroom. Include at least three references from the book.

3. Conclusion: Based on course readings, succinctly share how the child responds to auditory, visual or other sensory cues in the classroom. Keep this question in mind as you write your conclusion. Use of references will be credited at 5 pts. per reference, maximum of 5. Credits will be based on the number of references you cited. Minimum of 2-3 pages.

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Child Learning Environment Observation Report
Yongyong’s school is significantly diverse with learners from different grades walking around the compound. The environment seems holistic as one can identify different facilities intended for outdoor activities. For learners in pre-school, outdoor activities are especially important in ensuring that the students have an environment in which they can interact and develop their communication skills (Alhassan, Sirard, & Robinson, 2007). The activities provide an opportunity for effective learning in consequent grades. Therefore, the school in this case provides such an environment.

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