I want 8 POLITICAL NEWS JOURNAL. They must be 8 different topics to write.

Students are expected to watch and journal notes on a minimum of 30 minutes of political news for eight weeks during the semester. Most news sources are acceptable, with the exception of celebrity gossip outlets. Each week of notes should include the program name, outlet (cable, television, online, etc.), date viewed, and two paragraphs or 10 bullet points outlining the information presented during the program. Be sure to view a variety of news outlets. Journal notes may be hand written or typed. The journal will be turned in with a 1-2 paged typed paper summarizing the political news and connecting it to the course material. The paper must be stapled to the political news journal and turned in together.

Make sure you follow the instruction clearly and 8 different topics please


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Political News Journal

Article One

Our first political news analysis is derived from the news article https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-fed/trumps-fed-picks-draw-political-fire-as-they-angle-for-the-job-idUSKCN1RL31O published by an American-based media house Reuters on April 10, 2019. Notably, the article focuses on critics of the American president’s pick on the position of Federal Reserve Board. Herman Cain’s and Stephen Moore’s names were submitted to the US Senate, being proposed to be Fed’s board of governors after being proposed by Donald Trump.

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