Resume professional letter

Resume professional letter

Write an introductory cover letter of no more than 500 words in which you explain your professional objectives, professional interests ( Registered Nurse BSN) , and strengths as an applicant.

Create a resume detailing your license(s), earned degree(s), certification(s), professional experiences, previous positions held ( CNA, LPN), membership in professional organizations, publications, and skills.

Both the cover letter and resume should be formally written using a professionally accepted format. Review “Resume Resources,” located at for for examples of approved formats; however, other professional templates may be used.

Share your resume with a colleague and elicit their feedback. Revise your resume if needed and submit the resume in the assignment section of the course.

APA style is not required ,but solid writing is expected.




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A registered nurse with more than 1000 hours of experience, I have accumulated extensive experience in addition to my academic qualifications for nursing practice. I am highly motivated to advance the interests of different stakeholders within the healthcare practice environment with a view of improving the application of evidence-based practice in my work environments. I am highly committed to quality and effectiveness in service delivery, in the interest of the patients receiving my care services.


bACHElor of science in nursing

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