Trauma discussion questions

Trauma discussion questions

Please answer each questions individually using at least one citation.

1. Describe the key psychological, somatic, cognitive, neurological and behavioral issues counselors must be aware of when counseling a client with trauma.

2. Determine the specific training needs required for trauma counselors. Describe how counselors know if they are acting outside their area of competence. What steps should they take to resolve this issue?

3. Review the Trauma Case Study attached. Does Maryam demonstrate diagnostic criteria for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder or Acute Stress Disorder? Justify your answer.

4. Which evidence-based counseling theory best supports the client coping with trauma and other mental health issues? Justify your answer.




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Psychological trauma is a form of injury to the mind and occurs due to the effect of a distressing or disturbing occurrence. Trauma results from the overwhelming quantity of stress exceeding an individual’s aptitude to manage. Or incorporate the emotions intricate with the involvement of the injury. The impact of trauma can be understated deceptive or destructive depending on individual characteristics, development process the type of the typical events socio-cultural factors and the connotation of trauma. Survivors reactions to trauma are complex and are affected by their own skills.


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