Wendell Berry themes

Wendell Berry themes

Choose one passage, quote, or event from Part II of Jayber Crow that you feel really embodies or expresses one of the main themes of the novel — that tells us what Berry wants us to understand about the politics/theory of community, being human, power, freedom, etc. Explain how this passage encapsulates something important about Berry’s political theory, and think about how it contributes to the larger dialogue of Western Political Thought.

Often I have not known where I was going until I was already there…Often I have received better than I have deserved. Often my fairest hopes have rested on bad mistakes. I am an ignorant pilgrim, crossing a dark valley. And yet for a long time, looking back, I have been unable to shake off the feeling that I have been led–make of that what you will.” (133)

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the book is called Jayber Crow by wendell berry
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Wendell Berry Themes

Uncertainty in human activities has often been subject to criticism as well as support, in some cases people appreciating the ability to engage in various activities without too much concern over the outcome of such activities. Thinking critically at different events in anyone’s history, there has often been cases in which one experiences outcomes from various situations, which he or she may not have anticipated. This explains Wendell Berry’s position on being human, and existence of situations in which one may experience more than he or she deserved for different activities in his or her lifetime (Berry 133). Citing his last paragraph in introducing The Gay Bird’s Heel, berry highlights the state of being human, and the limited control people have over their environment and their future.

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