World History Presentation.

World History Presentation.

Prepare a presentation on current affairs in Mexico or another Latin American nation. The presentation may be a written report or a PowerPoint presentation. You should include the following:

An overview of the Latin American nation of your choice

Additional information on a specific topic of choice, such as the economy, environmental issues, U.S. relations, political stability, population concerns, or any other current topic in the Latin American nation of your choice

You may use the textbook, the internet, and any other sources available to help you research the Latin American nation. Here are a few websites that may be helpful.

Washington Office of Latin America HYPERLINK “…”…

The New York TimesHYPERLINK “…”…

The World Factbook

The World Bank

U.S. Department of State





Solution Preview

“Mexican war on drugs “

There has been a lot of efforts to try and put an end to the drug menace on the streets. Trillions of money have been spent to deal with this problem which has been spearheaded by the American government since the 1970s. However the Mexican government only joined the fight as from 2006 because most people felt like the fight was on a racist movement which was only targeting Mexicans (Campos 12). The fight between the drug lords and cartels with the Mexican and American governments has led to the loss of many innocent citizens. Its believed that drug cartels are well connected with politicians in the Mexican government starting from mayors and even those in the federal government (Campos 10). This is one of the reasons why it has not been easy to successfully deal with this issue because the same people who are fighting it are the ones encouraging it.

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