write a short eassy

write a short eassy

Read slowly through the section in the anthology entitled “Cycle Six: Disasters, Natural and Other” which begins on p. 179 (including the intro to the section by Mona Lisa Saloy).

Choose ONE POEM as a favorite from this section, or a poem that is strange/surprising or intriguing poem to you. Make a claim about that poem, and start to articulate the evidence that you find in the poem to support that claim. For example, I might claim that in her poem “The Earth is a Living Thing”, Lucille Clifton uses a series of metaphors to celebrate qualities that might be compared to a certain idea of Blackness.


in her poem “Carpenter Bee”, Natasha Tretheway uses the image of a specific insect to explore the human experience of loss.

Come prepared to discuss your claim in small groups and to WRITE about your claim/evidence during our class time together.




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The claim is that the poem explains the characteristic of a certain product, its advantages and disadvantages. The subject in the case of this poem is water. As we all know water is one of the basic elements that support life on earth. Being that it is an essential of life, water can also cause some dangers and be disastrous.

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