It is every person’s dream to be happy in life. This is the reason why people work extremely hard to achieve their life goals. Most people, if not all, believe that achieving their set goals would make them happy. For instance, there are those who believe that becoming rich would make them happy, thus the reason for pursuing their careers passionately. At the same time, there are those who view families as a source of happiness, thereby committing themselves to taking care of their children and other family members. For my part, there are several aspects that make me happy. The success of my children, career growth, and financial stability are some of the things I believe would enable me lead a happy life, thus the reason why am extremely saddened by thought of not achieving one of my goals.


            Being a single parent, my two children are my only companions whenever I am at home. They make me really happy whenever I see them doing well in their studies and other activities they engage. For this reason, I believe that their success in the future is would make my life happy. I am fully committed in ensuring that they grow to become responsible members of the society, therefore taking care of me once I become old. According to Thomas Bellows’ book Happiness in the Family: Using Choice Therapy to Eliminate Hostility in the Family, familial bonds have a huge impact on people’s well-being. People depend on their family members for support whenever in need. The bond I have with my children is the reason why they provide me with immense happiness. Whenever I am with them, I never feel lonely. I feel contented with life. To ensure that their presence in my life brings about happiness, I am fully committed to taking care of them. I want them to achieve their professional and career goals. Achieving the above-mentioned aspects would make them happy. Their happiness, in turn, would also make me happy.

            For an individual to lead a happy life, he or she must be in a position to satisfy his or her basic needs and afford a few luxuries such as going on holidays a few times in a year. This implies that financial stability is one of the major causes of happiness in people’s lives. With two children to cater for, I know I need to have a successful career in the future. My children’s needs are going to increase soon as they continue to grow. Currently, I am a full-time student pursuing an entertainments career goal – police officer Volunteer work. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of law enforcement officers is $58,320 annually. With this type of income, I believe I would be able to meet all my family’s financial needs, and also afford a few vacations. According to Raymer Rodriguez’s book, Little Red Book of Financial Happiness: Life After Prison, money can actually buy happiness. According to the book, people’s economic situations have a lot to do with their level of happiness. Currently, I am satisfied with my life as I can comfortably afford all my financial needs. To ensure I stay happy the rest of my life, I will have to ensure that I succeed in my career.

            The other source of happiness in people’s lives is the career they pursue. Everyone wants to earn income from doing something he or she loves. At the same time, people spend most of part of their lives working. For this reason, people’s career choice plays a crucial role in their happiness. Currently, I am happy since I am pursuing my dream career on full-time basis. Once I complete my training and assigned duties, I believe I am going to be extremely happy. My childhood dream has been to improve people’s lives by serving them by taking care of animals. As a law enforcement officer, I would get a golden opportunity to serve my community while at the same time earning a salary. According to Manfred F R Kets de Vries’ book, The Happiness Equation: Meditations on Happiness and Success, people who like their jobs lead happy lives. Therefore, my life will be happy since I have a great passion for my career.


            Every person’s dream is to be happy. This is the reason why people engage in different activities so as to achieve happiness. For instance, there are those who pursue their careers passionately while others commit all their resources to taking care of their families as sources of happiness. Here, we can see that people derive happiness from different things in their lives. For my case, there are three major sources of my happiness; my family, career, and financial stability. According to my perspective, the success of my children in their undertakings would make me extremely happy. At the same time, being financially stable would enable me to afford all my basic needs, thus allowing me to be contented in my life. Additionally, pursuing a career I love would also enhance my happiness as I would love my job.

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