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Read the below article describing a recent local crime (note, it does discuss physical and sexual abuse). Presume it is a year in the future and both suspects were found guilty of the offenses described. During the year, we find out the following about the suspects: (1) The man, Justin Wilson, suffers from bipolar disorder, and regularly self-medicates; he was under the influence of several drugs during the crime (2) The woman, Nicole Elmore, was also under the influence of drugs, and was threatened by Wilson and told she had to participate in the abuse of the victim; there are verified reports that Wilson was abusive towards Elmore.

You are the sentencing judge. In your response note the sentence you would levy for each suspect and presume any sentence is an option for you – from an ACOD, to diversion, to probation, incarceration (note # of years), and even capital punishment (not allowed for non-homicide offenses, but we will make an exception here). Justify your decisions with a reliance on the reading: consider punishment philosophy, any aggravating/mitigating factors, and other relevant information. Please keep the focus of your discussion on your reading-supported rationale and the influences on it – no need to consider specific charges, actual penal law, case details beyond those provided in the link.…

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