Discussion: Psychological Aspects of Aging

What does it mean to age “successfully”? Though the concept of success is relative, theories of successful aging explain factors that support individuals as they grow old. Factors such as maintaining physical and mental activity and disengaging from community obligations contribute to older adults’ ability to function. As a social worker, you must understand these supportive factors in order to address the needs of older clients and their families.

As you will see in this week’s media, situations involving Alzheimer’s or dementia, interpersonal conflict, and grief can complicate the process of successful aging. For this Discussion, you review one of two case studies involving an older woman and apply a theory of successful aging to the case.

To Prepare:

  • Review the Learning Resources on psychological aspects      of later adulthood, focusing on key life events and on theories of      successful aging.
  • Access the Social Work Case Studies media and explore      the cases of Sara and of Francine.
  • Select a theory of successful aging to apply to either Sara’s or Francine’s case.


Post a Discussion in which you:

  • Identify whether you have chosen to analyze Sara’s or      Francine’s case for the Discussion. 
  • Explain key life events that have influenced Sara’s or      Francine’s psychological functioning. Be sure to substantiate what makes      them key in your perspective.
  • Explain how you as a social worker might apply a theory      of successful aging to Sara’s or Francine’s case. Be sure to provide support      for your strategy

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