The Principle of Incident Response and Disaster Recovery

Daily business management entails taking several risks in decision-making, which may at times, pose serious threats to the business or turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Threats negatively affect business operations, thus creating the need for any operational manager to come up with a recovery plan in the event of disaster. One business principle that creates better grounds for recovery from a disaster is the incident response and disaster recovery principle.

Incident response and disaster recovery plan comprises of relayed information to members of the staff on how to deal with a disaster after it has occurred. This principle majorly focuses on damage limitation to the business assets as prompt corrective measures are usually sought. Protection of business assets is paramount, and damage limitation becomes increasingly critical to the business mission and recovery success from the disaster (Mische & Wilkerson, 2016). In it, various definitions of what constitutes an incident are vividly explained, the person responsible for taking charge of the situation after a disaster occurs is mentioned, and also the viable plan of action in reaction to the disaster is outlined. In coming up with this plan, three phases are usually incorporated. There is the advanced planning and triage phase, running the incident phase and review as the final phase. Advanced planning and triage entail foreshadowing an incident even before it occurs, thus aiding in risk mitigation (Whitman, Mattord & Green, 2013). Triage entails giving precedence and priority to one incident over another due to its more likelihood of occurring. Running the incident involves running a simulation of the projected incident to establish its potential damage, and the review phase entails assessing the resilience of the current protection standards in place and coming up with countermeasures for the potential threat.

This principle is of utmost importance to any management of a business as it ensures for business continuity after a disaster. It reduces the impact that certain disasters have on business operations. Therefore, it should be the goal of any business manager to have an effective incident response and disaster recovery plan as it is critical to business success. However, threats to business operations constantly change, thus giving rise to the question, how much security is enough?

500-700 words.

All work should be cited in APA citation. Refer to the content area APA citations .

In order to receive full credit students need to respond to at least two post peers or the instructor post.


Whitman, M. E., Mattord, H. J., & Green, A. (2013). Principles of incident response and disaster recovery (2ndedition.). Cengage Learning.

Mische, S., & Wilkerson, A. (2016). Disaster and contingency planning for scientific shared resource cores. Journal of Bio-molecular Techniques: JBT. doi:10.7171/jbt.16-2701-003



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Management of businesses in the modern world entails assessing various risks and uncertainties that may affect the core operations of the business. Doing this requires the management to conduct incident response and disaster recovery strategies that are aimed at ensuring that the sustainability of the operations is guaranteed.

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See paper instructions

See paper instructions

Please read Ariely Ch 1 “The Truth about Relativity”, and answer the following questions. Your answers should be concise and organized in bullet points, and explained in your own words that are understandable to someone who has not read the book. Please read guideline to get the detail of format.



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The Decoy Effect
Question One
• One story that I find interesting is the story of subscription offers that an economist wanted to offer which included internet subscription only for $59 and print subscription only for $125.
However, the economist added a twist to the offers since they realized that few people would be willing to buy print for such a high amount.

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in description for history

in description for history

you begin your discussion work in the class with the subject of Modern American Indians. You first read Chapter 2 in the text, and the Modern American Indians lecture and you read the Baydo essay in the reader book American Indians from Assimilation to Casinos. Plus you are to view the various Modern American Indian videos.

You are now to become a newspaper reporter who has followed Red Power movement from its beginning to its end. You are going to describe this movement its its leaders, various organizations with their demonstrations and protests, and the various tribes with their protests and demonstrations. You are going to use text, lecture, reader book essay, videos, plus the following websites in writing your news paper article in this discussion assignment. Here are the websites to review:

Red Power-

National Indian Youth Council- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Power_movement

American Indian Movement-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Indian_Move…

Finally you are going to comment on whether you feel the Indians casinos are helpful to the modern Indians and also agree or disagree with two other students in this discussion assignment.



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The Red Power Movement was a political faction in the 1960s formed to address the systematic issues such as police brutality and poverty that the Native Americans were experiencing. The movement also aimed to seek the rights of Native Americans to make policies

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Evaluating EBP

Evaluating EBP

Name two different methods for evaluating evidence. Compare and contrast these two methods.



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In any clinical setting, there are several well-established methods of finding and evaluating evidence. Different methods for evaluating evidence can present higher-level evidence depending on the different type of clinical questions that need answering.

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Modifying a Document For this assignment, you are provided with a sample research paper.

Modifying a Document For this assignment, you are provided with a sample research paper.

Modifying a Document

For this assignment, you are provided with a sample research paper. Click here to download the paper.

You need to take the sample research paper and modify the document so it conforms to the APA format.

Highlight all of the changes you have made in the Microsoft Word document. Look in your APA manual for the format information. After the paper has been modified, submit the altered document.


  • Support your responses with examples.
  • Cite any sources in APA format.
  • Name your document SU_PSY2061_W2_A1_LastName_FirstInitial
  • Submit your document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.

This is the paper that needs the review.



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Homeschooling Trends in Northern Metro Atlanta

The mere mention of homeschooling elicits emotions from both ends of the spectrum. There seems to be no middle of the road. People are either in favor or not in favor of this growing trend to homeschool their children. Has this always been the case? Actually, before the mid-1800s homeschooling was the norm and not the exception! History tells us that public schools came into existence as a result of political and religious influences.

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Inspection of how you see a property

Inspection of how you see a property

Week 3 will require you to determine what a fixture is and how to recognize them in your home. You will take a walk through your home to identify five fixtures and provide a written description.

Part I: Take a walk through your property after studying the rules pertaining to fixtures and identify 5 items in your home that are considered fixtures and 5 items in your home that are considered personal property.

Part II: Describe how to distinguish between a fixture and personal property, using support from your text and one APUS Library source. Identify any issues that may arise between a renter and landlord or buyer and seller during a real estate transaction (i.e., describe any difficulties you had in differentiating each item in your home).



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Inspection of How You See A Property
After taking a walk around, I was able to identify some items which can be termed as a fixture. The first one is the electrical wiring; there are different electrical components in the like the electrical wires, sockets, and the main switches and plugs. In most cases, most of the electrical installed devices are considered as fixtures as the renter or the builder of the property

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Choose a politician or political movement

Choose a politician or political movement

The purpose of this assignment is to look at the ways in which politicians and political movements use social media and the effect it has on their cause. In 600 words, do the following:

Choose a politician or political movement that has successfully used social media to further their cause. Describe what social media strategies they used that were most successful and why.

Find data on social media’s influence on individual’s participation in the political process.

Explain whether or not the level of an individual’s involvement in social media affects the level of participation in the political process.

Use a minimum of three outside sources to support your claims.



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Donald Trump’s Social Media Success
Donald Trump, the 45th United States president has utilized social media platforms successfully to champion for his political course. Trump understands well that politics is a game of perception; hence, he utilizes social networking sites to create perceptions among Americans that favor his undertakings.

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Class Discussion 3

Class Discussion 3

Jamie states that Dr. Worth is going to tell you that Jamie was sexually involved with one of her clients. She has confronted Dr. Worth about this being a breach of the APA Ethics Code. She reports that Dr. Worth laughed at her for saying this and said that he knows that the clinical supervisor will believe him over a new student practitioner.

Jamie is very upset while reporting this to you. She explains that she has not done anything wrong and has followed the Ethics Code. She sees this not only as a personal attack but also as a professional violation by Dr. Worth.

In your main post, be sure to address the following:

What is happening in this situation?
What conflicts do you see?
What are the Ethical Standards involved?
Establish two ways that the situation could be resolved: one informal resolution and one formal resolution. Be specific about who would do what for each option.
Consider further the implications of each of these options. What do you think the implications and consequences would be for the stakeholders involved for each option?



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In the scenario, we are presented with instances where legal precedent and the APA Ethics Code offer conflicting information or decisions about the course of action that should be taken. These instances are rare; however,

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Overview and objectives

Overview and objectives

100-150 words on the measurable project objectives and related success criteria including metrics (Provide three to four objectives with metrics)



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Employees have to be armed with special assessment tools that enable them effectively work in the organization. Simulations and work samples enable employees understand the task at hand effectively give their best.

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Week 7 Discussion

Week 7 Discussion

Initial Post Instructions

Part 1: Research & Review

Read and review our required reading and lesson on revision, editing, and proofing, as well as your returned rubric and feedback from your instructor.

Part 2: Application

Prior to beginning work on this reflection, refer to the feedback you have been given by your instructor and peers over the past weeks plus any additional experiences you have with the writing process covered in the course. Reflection is an important part of the writing process. Examine how the writing process has been going for you with your essay up to this point. Then, explain the results of your paper review with your peers.

1. Detail the 3 most significant issues found in your draft feedback, placing them in the order of importance (the basis for a revision plan of action). As you write, be specific in which areas you are referring to, such as the introduction, claim, counterargument, etc., and how it relates to your experience with the writing process.

2. Research ways to correct the problem, in our textbook and lesson, library writing references, or external sources. Provide an example of at least one corrected based on these resources.

Cite your sources in APA format.

Follow-Up Post Instructions

Respond to at least two peers or one peer and the instructor. Compare your peers’ results to your own and share resources for improvement. Did your instructor find similar issues? Which revision and editing approaches work best for you?

Note: If you see that someone has already received feedback from two peers, please choose to help a peer who has yet to obtain feedback.

Writing Requirements

Minimum of 3 posts (1 initial & 2 follow-up)

APA format for in-text citations and list of references



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Reflection Essay

            Going through the revision, editing and proofing class for the past few weeks has positively impacted my life. The class through the peer review helped me improve my view on vaccination.

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