1 page Anthropology Assingment

1 page Anthropology Assingment

Based on what you’ve learned about Archaic Homo sapiens, what behaviors and/or cognitive skills do you think separated and/or allowed early modern humans to out-compete the archaics who coexisted with them?


Please write a 1 page paper (approximately 350 words) explaining your answer. If you use any outside sources, PLEASE CITE your sources. You may write in “first person” (using terms like “I am,” “I think”, “I believe”). You may respond, thoughtfully to other students but responses will not be graded. Grading will be based on your originality, depth of thought, spelling and grammar, so please spellcheck and proofread your work before you turn it in.

Also, please do not use this space to cut and paste a whole lot of other people’s published research and then submit that as your own original work. That is a called a “cut and paste” paper and is not acceptable at the college level.



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Anthropology Assignment

Archaic Homo sapiens were hominins that existed during the Middle Pleistocene. The morphologically fall somewhere in between Homo sapiens and Homo erectus. In the course of the readings, we studied different aspects about the Archaic Homo sapiens. There are certain behaviors and cognitive skills that I think separated them and allowed modern humans to out-compete them despite the fact that they coexisted with them. One of the major reasons was due to the enhanced cognitive abilities of Homo sapiens which was not matched by the Archaic Homo sapiens.

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