1930s America

1930s America

Responses to each questions are required to be 250-300 words. You may use credible sources with citations and references. I have attached a reading as well.

1. What did the New Deal do for Blacks? Even though there were no significant gains made in civil rights during the 1930s, there seemed to be an optimistic view among the black community. African-Americans were able to find help in the 1930s through the hope they viewed in the Roosevelt administration, their inclusion within the CIO, and the Popular Front. What did each of these offer the African-American community? The black press said that the National Recovery Administration (NRA) actually stood for “Negro Run Around” or “Negroes Ruined Again.” Why did they write this? What examples can you find that support or refute these slogans?

2. How did James Baldwin compare the African-American experience to the Algerian experience in France? Why did Baldwin go to France?

3. Historians recognize the importance of model figures. In the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s which African Americans were model figures to African Americans? How did they influence white Americans to see African Americans differently?

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Being the first Democratic president in more than a decade and based on his perceptions of government intervention in alleviating the conditions of the working class American, President F.D Roosevelt won the December 1932 election by a landslide…
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