2 different assigments. Class Public Policy and Administration

2 different assigments. Class Public Policy and Administration

I need help with two different assignments.

I do not have the book for this class (Public Policymaking by James E. Anderson

1 – Assignment

Case study Political Ambitions vs the Public Good (attached file)

Answer the following questions related to the case study:

a. What were the risks, benefits, and drawbacks of Manager Bradford’s engaging so many people in the policy making process?

b. Is there anything Manager Bradford can do now to encourage the council to implement the recommendations of the affordable housing strategy?

c. Mayor Lang will be in office for at least two more years. Should this fact play into Manager Bradford’s decision making?


2 – Assignment

Pick 3 of the 15 Acts listed below. Research each Act and identify the following:

1. Discuss the social norms and political climate at the time the law was passed.

2. Try to identify the primary catalyst(s) that sparked the creation of the Act.

3. Finally, articulate your position on the Act by providing details about your personal opinions regarding it.

Pick 3 out of the 15 following Acts:

1) Americans with Disabilities Act

2) Fair Labor Standards Act

3) Patriot Act

4) Civil Rights Act

5) Family Medical Leave Act

6) HIPPA Act

7) Age Discrimination Act

8) Freedom of Information Act

9) Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act

10)Judiciary Act

11)Clean Air Act

12)Food and Drug Act

13)Administration Procedure Act

14)Controlled Substances Act

15)Federal Reserve Act

The midterm examination should be written following APA format. Make sure to use proper in-text citations and include a reference page. The response to each Act must be at least one page and should not exceed 3 pages.

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Class Public Policy and Administration

Assignment 1: Political Ambitions vs the Public Good

Part A

There are many risks, benefits, and drawbacks that the manger could face as a result of engaging so many people in the policy-making process. When many people are involved, many ideas and opinions have to be analyzed before a decision can be made. One of the biggest risk is that involving many people would result into solutions that cannot fulfil the desires of each party. This is mainly because it is impossible to find a solution that could be suit each party. Involving many people in the policy-making process could also be highly time-consuming. This is because the opinion of each party has to be brainstormed by members of the committee and this may take a long time thereby becoming more expensive to the council.

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