3 one-page long film response

3 one-page long film response

About one-page limit (double spaced) for each film response. You may choose any three films taught in this class and write film responses. Film response is not a formal analysis paper. But make certain to address critical questions in

regards to either narrative or formal techniques of the given film. In the response, please avoid summarizing

the plot. You may begin the response with your general impression of the whole film. You may also

choose one specific scene that stands out in terms of techniques or mise-en-scène. In addition, you could

also discuss the film in its relation to our class topics.

Movie 1: Cart (카트, BOO Ji-young, 2014)

Movie 2: The Handmaiden (아가씨, PARK Chan-wook, 2016)

Movie 3: The Bacchus Lady (죽여주는 여자, E J-yong, 2016) or A Girl at My Door (도희야, JUNG July, 2014)

If you find any difficulties finding these films, please let me know. We can change to other film available. Please be responsible after taking this job.

Please upload these three responses in different doc files.




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The film the Bacchus lady is a film that addresses several social issues including that of senior prostitution. This Korean movie adopted its theme from the Korean prostitution issue that got the international highlight in 2014. This issue was reported in the news where senior prostitution in Korea was seen to be disguised by women selling energy drinks namely Bacchus to men as a way of offering sex.

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