5 essays for my final exam

I have final exam of international studies in few days, instructors gave us study guide for final exam.

In study guide, he says we want to choose 5 topics from whole course and need to write 300 words essays for each topic

Total 1500 words

I can send you the topics he thought in class, i have material available online and you can use them to write 300 words essays for 5 topics.

He told us to prepare 300 words essays and practice before exam.

In exam I have to write 5 essays that I prepared from home.

Did you understand what I’m expecting from you?

I will send you study guide file now and will send material for preparing essays later.

I want very good quality essays as it’s my final exam, please only accept this offer if you could do best job for me.

topic 5 file’s are of same topic

topic 5 has 3 files, i think this the main file, starting file name – “Aidi, Hishaam”

topic 2 and topic 3 are different files,just their file name starts same but its different

please and see

On the day of the exam you will be expected to write five short essays, each one on an example of something from the course material you select that you learned during this course and you feel is important. . Each of these mini-essays will be no more than 300 words in length.

Each should include a definition of the concept, an explanation of the concept’s significance, and a short explanation for why you think that it was interesting to you – and how this interest was piqued.



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Final Exam
A spirituality for the new axial period
This is a topic which endeavors to explain the evolution of the world’s culture, religion, and other essential aspects which identifies certain social groups. The axial period is an era which is marked by a significant change that took place in philosophy, religions, and logicians. This is a crucial period in our contemporary community as it formed the foundation on which present religions are established.

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