A piece of paper combines poetry

A piece of paper combines poetry

this is an article combines poetry with the analysis of poetry to write about the peace of world and against war

Combining the poem:Anthem for Doomed Youth (written by Wilfred Owen)

Combines the analysis of poetry and give one belief statement. It must includes two ideas to explain the statement.

paragraph one: introduce the statement and the poem.

paragraph two and three: two ideas to explain the statement.

paragraph four :connect the ideas to summarize.

the statement : any war is unjust and war should be against

statement must be related to war ,but you can change the words.

500 words.

the poem : Anthem for Doomed youth

What passing -bells for these who die as cattle

only the monstrous anger for the guns

only the stuttering rifles ‘ rapid rattle

can patter out their hasty orisons

no mockeries now for them;no prayers nor bells

nor any voice of mourning save the choirs

the shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells

and bugles calling for them from sad shires

what candles may be held to speed them all

not in the hands of boys ,but in their eyes…….

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As William Tecumseh Sherman put it, “War is Hell,” (Royster, 2011). Even though William’s may be a cliché, the reality of matters of war on the ground has a lot of likeness with his sentiments, owing to the statistics…

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