A subculture is a smaller cultural group

A subculture is a smaller cultural group

Assignment One: Choose a Topic (Due September 19th @ 11:59PM)
A subculture is a smaller cultural group—a group that can be distinguished from a larger societal group
based on a host of factors. Subcultures can be almost anything that we are currently involved in; there ae
subcultures we choose to be a part of and subcultures we are a part of without any consent. They can be
based on hobbies, religion, location, friends, family, race, gender, sexual orientation, sexuality—just
about anything that creates identity and personality.
You are being asked to select a subculture that you are a part of either by choice or without consent,
connecting yourself to investigate this larger subculture. Please view the structure of the assignment
For your main paper at the end of the semester, you will be asked to write on just
you are a part of. However, I know this may feel daunting at first. Therefore, for this assignment, I
would like you to narrow it down to
, and then choose the single one you will be using at a
later time.
For each subculture, I would like you to give a brief description
(one paragraph each)
that gives
an overview of what the subculture is and your position in the subculture (how long have you been
a part of it, how do you feel about it, why do you find it interesting, etc.). Please be as specific as
It may be helpful for future assignments if the subculture of your choosing has written and/or
visual materials you may analyze. Sometimes, associating your subculture to a location is helpful,
whether this is a physical location (a synagogue for example) or a virtual one.
Please submit your document using a Word file or PDF on Canvas. Please use 12pt Times New
Roman font. You may double space. Remember, it is one paragraph per topic and a solid
paragraph should be around 5 to 7 sentences. I will not look at word count but anticipate close to a

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