Actively Managing Conflict and Conflict Resolution

Actively Managing Conflict and Conflict Resolution

This assignment has 2 parts, completely different. and article to discuss and a conflict resolution case. Do not forget the headings and sub-headings, and separate part 1 from part 2. do not forget references, in-text citations

Part IRead the article below and complete a 1-2 page article review. The article review should include the following:

  • Summary of the article.
    • What are the key points of the article?
    • How does managing conflict help with collaboration?
  • Do you agree with the techniques presented in the article? Why or Why not?

Article is attached in case the link does not work properly below.

There’s more than one way to solve a dispute: Resolving workplace differences is a fine art – and many businesses have been getting it dramatically wrong:

Part II: In 2 pages you will focus on conflict resolutions.

a)Explain three generational issues that could impact a team and create a plan to deal with each situation.

b)Evaluate three multi-cultural issues that could occur within a team and how the issues would impact the team. Create a plan that could be used to resolve multi-cultural issues.

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There are vibrant ways to minimize disputes. The process of resolving working place differences is a reasonable art. Though many organizations gets it wrong when it comes to settling workplace disputes. People are either blind or lying when they say there is no conflicts. Conflict can only be solve if people…

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