1.      TEXTBOOK:

Norris, T.L., (2019). Porth’s Pathophysiology: Concepts of Altered Health States (10th ed.). Wolters Kluwer

***Chapters 29 – 31

2.      Two or three references that are relevant to the content and published within the last five years.

3.      Reference list must be in APA 7th edition format.

4.      300-word count excluding reference list (Do not include the question in word count)

·        Thorough identification of the importance of the subject matter to the individual, clinical, and professional.
● Supports discussion concepts through evidence-based information.
● Clear critical thinking acknowledges application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

·         No grammar, word usage, or punctuation errors. 

·         Overall style is consistent with professional work. ● Writing style facilitates communication.

·         No Plagiarism

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