Suppose you inadvertently cut off

Suppose you inadvertently cut off (or pull out in front of) an aggressive driver who proceeds to follow you into the same parking lot in order to confront you. Now, pretend you are retelling the account of this event to five different people:

1. Your mother or father

2. Your best friend

3. Your girlfriend

4. Your therapist

5. A police officer

The object here is to become conscious of how we shape and shade the stories we tell to each other according to the listener. Your narrator will make selections about content according to whom he or she is telling the story, the effect he or she wants the story to have, and the response he or she want to elicit from the listener. (Note: For this prompt, you should make up your OWN tense situation that involves some kind of conflict. Please do NOT write about a mugging, car accident, or drug deal. Once you decide on that situation, you will be using 2nd person address Point of View).

Please follow the RUBRICS of assignment attached. Paper also needs to be 750-1,000 words, spell checked and double-spaced.





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Suppose you inadvertently cut off


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