Airport Writing

Review the Austin, TX (AUS) Airport’s Master Plan and Airport Layout Plan (ALP) drawing (15) 
a. Find the forecasted number of passenger enplanements for the next 5, 10 years (from
publication date) (Chapter 3).
b. How and why did the airport and consultant select the forecast method they used?
c. Looking at the ALP sheet (page 3), tell me 5 things depicted for future change on the
airport (Chapter 10 or Sheets 3 and 4).

  1. List the requirements for an airport to be compliant with the National Environmental Policy Act
    (NEPA).  (10)
  2. Explain the differences between a: (5) 
    o 1) CAT-EX,
    o 2) Environmental Assessment and
    o 3) Environmental Impact Statement.
  3. Define the term mitigation AND name 5 noise abatement mitigation techniques/strategies used
    at airports in the US. (5)
  4. Name 4 types of land use would be most compatible with an airport? (5)
  5. What is an “avigation easement” and what does it provide the airport?

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