How does the object communicate with the audience?

How does the object communicate with the audience?

We have discussed in class the advent of Public Art has having both positive and negative connotations related to their respective communities. Sometimes ideals of American Democracy for example, are expressed through public displays of objects in parks and around civic buildings that have commemorative purposes. You should think about what motivates public displays of art and what meanings are deployed?

Your assignment is to visit a public sculptural monument either a free-standing work or a relief sculpture and write a 3-5 page, typed, double spaced and 12 font descriptive analysis of it. Begin by providing a close visual analysis based on the handout ‘A Systematic Analysis of a Work of Art: Sculpture (on blackboard).This is an evaluation of your developing visual acuity and the development of the methods and terms we use in class.

Next, examine the symbolic or iconographic function of the object based on the visual clues exhibited in the work and its immediate environment.

How does the object communicate with the audience? How successful or unsuccessful is the work in establishing an aesthetic point of view?

You are not to do any research on the object apart from what you think is important to know with respect to the environment or the individual(s) represented in the sculpture. Often objects have a display label nearby which will give you information about the name or the subject, if not, it is not essential to the assignment.

Additionally, you must refer to yourself in the 3rd person objective form, so NO personal pronouns.

Finally, you should include a ‘selfie’ of you with the object. A black and white reproduction is fine attached to your paper.

It is a way for me to view the object from your perspective and to determine the size and scale of the object.

Please proofread your work for grammar and spelling. No late papers will be accepted.

more info about the sculpture

here is the terminology list that you could use in the essay



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How does the object communicate with the audience


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