Professional Business Letter on Maria Acosta

 Professional Business Letter on Maria Acosta 


 MAIN DETAILS: Directions: Dr. Barry’s long time patient, Maria Acosta, who was recently diagnosed with Hepatitis C is traveling to England for a three-week vacation (July 1 through July 22). Just in case, Mrs. Acosta encounters any medical issues during her vacation, Dr. Barry is referring her to Dr. Daniel Baker’s medical office in Birmingham, England. (V.P.8) 1. Compose a letter to Dr. Daniel Baker, 68 Finch Road, Birchfield, B16 5EU Birmingham, England, with a reference line. Inform her that Dr. Barry’s patient will be visiting his area for three weeks, and will visit his office if she has any health issues. (V.P.8) 2. Inform him that Mrs. Acosta has been diagnosed with Hepatitis C and has been Dr. Barry’s patient for over 30 years. She is a valued patient. (V.P.8) 3. Remember that this is a legal document and must be prepared for Dr. Francis Barry’s signature. Key this letter in full-block style with mixed punctuation. 

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