The New Historicist Essay

For this assignment, you will complete a partial draft of the Final Paper: The New Historicist Essay, and continue to refine your thesis and argument regarding how the work of one canonized American Renaissance author from the course text engages and responds to the social and political milieu of the period and how the author’s work reflects these historical issues. In your paper, · Assess the relationships between your selected author’s work and the historical context of the American Renaissance in a fully-developed introductory paragraph, narrowing your focus to one political or social issue and summarizing its relevance to this period of American history and to your selected author’s work. · State your thesis statement, revised from the Week 2 Thesis and Annotated Bibliography assignment, at the end of your introductory paragraph. Your central argument should focus on one message that your author makes that is relevant to important social and political issues in the years 1820 to 1865, and relate this historical context to factors pertaining to the selected work’s later inclusion in the American literary canon. · Focus the body paragraphs of your assignment on one primary text, including analysis of how the author’s work uses genre and rhetorical devices to shape the reader’s understanding of the political/social issue outlined in your introduction. · Summarize your central argument in a non-redundant manner in your conclusion. · Incorporate at least two of the secondary sources from your Week 2 Assignment in this draft.

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