Analysis of an established organization

Analysis of an established organization

 please, complete 1,2 questions (2 slides) for me and 3,4,( 2 slids) questions with slides. 


  • Group work on a project
  • Multimedia research and presentation
  • Analysis of an established organization or business iInstitution)
  • Theory application
  • College-level writing and grammar
  • Using APA citations


NOTE: These instructions can also be found in the Syllabus.

You will choose a specific institution that interacts with elders and analyze it using a specific theory from the course. You will work with a group on this assignment.

As a group, you will need to conduct research on your specific institution using a combination of 7-10 resources (e.g., books, newspaper articles, news magazine articles, sociological journals, internet sites, videos, DVD’s, interviews, etc.) You may NOT use Wikipedia as a source. 

After you have conducted your research, you will analyze your information using the following questions as a guide:

  1. Discuss the history of your institution. How did it emerge? How did it come into existence?
  2. Who are the major participants in the institution? What are their roles and statuses?
  3. How do members of society perceive your institution?
  4. How do members of the institution perceive itself (its own institution)?
  5. How has the institution changed over time?
  6. What has caused various institutions to change?
  7. Discuss any stable features of the institution, that is, features that have not changed.
  8. As a way to better accommodate members of society, how would you improve your institution?  
  9. Does your institution work better for some members of society (as opposed to others)?

You must also choose either Sociological Conflict Theory or Structural Functionalism to analyze your institution. This should be at least 1 to 2 slides and use specific examples about the institution, its practices, the population(s) it serves, and other data to support your analysis.

You will then organize and submit your information in a presentation format on a PowerPoint (10 to 15 slides) or other slide-sharing presentation format. You cannot submit an active link (i.e., URL for Google Docs) as your assignment submission. You must upload a ppt, pptx, or pdf fileRemember that slides are a visual tool. Be sure to have good color contrast between the background and text and include pictures, tables, graphs, and/or charts.

Your group will present this live during the scheduled class meeting (see schedule in the Syllabus). You will have approximately 10 minutes for your presentation. I highly recommend practicing, as this is not a lot of time. Not all group members need to present, but all group members must participate in the creation and execution of the analysis to the level designated by the Team Contract your group will create prior to beginning the project.

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