When appropriate, community resources should be identified and described

When appropriate, community resources should be identified and described

Psychoanalysis, Neo-Psychoanalysis and Analytic Psychology: Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorders

Clusters A & B Personality Disorders

1.* Sigmund Freud

2.*Anna Freud

3.* Carl Jung

4.*Erick Erickson

5.*Karen Horney

6.*Harry S. Sullivan

Paper and Journal Article critique, both should be seperate. The papper should be APA format, 12 font roman with runing head and page number. The paper should be 5 pages and a seperate page for refrences.

The question is two paper and journal article critique. Will send the format now.



Each student will research an assigned topic, make a class presentation and submit a paper. The topic of your research paper will be an assigned theory. It is expected your paper will discuss the assigned theory as well as demonstrate how that theory can be used to address a psychological problem.

A minimum of four references will be required. References should come from APA Journals. Web sites and are not appropriate references for this paper and may not be used. Your paper is due on the date of your presentation.

All reports should be written in APA style. Written reports should cover the following areas:

1.Explanation and History of the Theories

2. Explain how you would apply two assigned counseling theories (Your class assigned theory and the Adlerian theory)

3.Strategies for intervention (including the role of the counselor)

4.Apply three (3) techniques/approaches of each theorist and demonstrate how that theory can be used to address your assigned psychological problem.

5.Pharmacological treatment for your assigned problem(s)

6.Strengths and Weaknesses of each approach



Guest speakers and audiovisual materials are encouraged for presentations. Handouts are required.

Please review your material. Improper pronunciations or reading from notes convey a lack of preparedness. Therefore, it is expected that you understand well the material you plan to present. You will lose points for improper pronunciations. You will also lose points for reading from notes or power point slides. When appropriate, community resources should be identified and described. Each presentation should last about 45 minutes.

Format for Journal Article Critiques

Submit recent empirical studies from an APA Journal. Your chosen studies should be directly related to your class presentation.

1. Purpose – Describe why this research was conducted? In what ways do the researchers expect their work to contribute

2. Method-What type of study was done (qualitative, randomized, etc.)? What methods were used to conduct this research? Who were the participants? How were they selected? How were human subjects protected?

3. Results/Findings-Describe what type of statistical analysis was used. How was the data summarized?

4. Discussion/ Implications- How does the researcher interpret their results. What are the implications for their findings?

5. Recommendations- Based on what the researchers have found, what do they recommend future researchers do?

6. Critique- What did you think of the research study. What were the strengths and weaknesses? How does this compare to the other study you have read (similarities, differences, etc.).

7. Do not copy sentences directly from the original study. This is called PLAGERISM and may result in an automatic grade of “F”.

8. All assignments are to be typed in Times Roman, 12 font using APA format. Please obtain the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, fifth edition

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When appropriate community resources should be identified and described


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