This is research conducted to increase the understanding of internet privacy.

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 Annotated bibliography internet privacy issues

Chen, Hongliang, Christopher E. Beaudoin, and Traci Hong. “Securing online privacy: An empirical test on Internet scam victimization, online privacy concerns, and privacy protection behaviors.” Computers in Human Behavior 70 (2017): 291-302.

According to the authors, there are available internet scam victims and different impacts of online privacy concerns. There is a need to understand protection behaviors. This is research conducted to increase the understanding of internet privacy. It is done through perusing indicates and eventually predicting possible threats that continue to affect the privacy of individuals online. The authors have seen the need to increase the privacy setting as well as put on routine checks and activities to ensure that confidentiality is well taken care of. There is a protection motivation theory, which is the main point of discussion in this research paper. It ensures that the necessary information is shared with the individual using the internet to understand how to protect themselves from the possible scam. This ensures the use of the internet does not become a stressing activity and that there are more privacy and prevention in different ways as per the individual needs.

Zeng, Eric, Shrirang Mare, and FranziskaRoesner. “End user security and privacy concerns with smart homes.” Thirteenth Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security ({SOUPS} 2017). 2017.

The world has moved to the internet of things age where everything is being digitalized and computerized. There is more usage of the internet in home environments than before. Mainly, the use of computers has ensured that most of the appliances and issues going around their homes are connected to the internet. Essentially, there is an automation of almost everything, thanks to the application of the internet of things. However, there are concerns, especially on privacy risks associated with the implementation of the internet of things in the organization. It becomes a point of interest, mainly because most of the devices can be vulnerable to external access. There is a risk of losing critical information about homes and individuals due to unauthorized access by third parties. There is a need to understand the security-related issues and expectations together with the necessary actions to put in place to avoid such concerns. There is a need to do more research to understand the security concerns and work according to privacy protection.

Alrawais, Arwa, et al. “Fog computing for the internet of things: Security and privacy issues.” IEEE Internet Computing 21.2 (2017): 34-42.

To efficiently process data in the modern-day world of the internet, there are different issues that one needs to understand. Internet of things is taking shape in the modern world since most of the devices are internet enables, and individuals are using everything available to connect to the external world. Mostly, there are limited storage and power to conduct the computation in most of the devices available. Therefore, for such issues, there is a need to ensure the necessary processes and concerns are put on place to enhance data security. For such things, it is essential to reduce the latency as well as issues to do with the loss of information and security threats. The use of data centers is no longer much crucial than privacy. The direction of computing will ensure that the internet of things environment continues to benefit not to risk data and privacy.

Crocco, Margaret S., et al. ““It’s not like they’re selling your data to dangerous people”: Internet privacy, teens, and (non-) controversial public issues.” The Journal of Social Studies Research 44.1 (2020): 21-33.

According to the article, different researchers tend to create an understanding of internet privacy. The research conducted regarding understanding the responses regarding internet privacy as per the high school student is necessary to identify how the students understand privacy. Search engines, as well as social media, hold a lot of private information. At some times, thereby, have been misused to track as well as monitor users while at the same time sharing the information with unauthorized individuals. Such issues continue to affect the privacy of individuals and especially the matter of trust. While most people trust social media and search engines such as Facebook and Google, there is still a lot of concern when it comes to realizing internet privacy. There are still some conflicts and other issues that continue to erode privacy as well as personal use of the internet. The students are at the risk of sharing private information, mainly due to the level of trust they continue to share with individuals across the globe.

Cook, Allan, et al. “Internet of cloud: Security and privacy issues.” Cloud Computing for Optimization: Foundations, Applications, and Challenges. Springer, Cham, 2018. 271-301.

Today, according to the article, there is a lot that is happening between the cloud and the internet of things. A lot of information is being shared and stored across different platforms across the web. Essentially, there is a lot of contribution to the growth of the internet. Various cloud services have been made available across different sectors in the technological world. With the book, it will be essential to understand the internet of things comprehensively. Such will also help to understand the privacy issues as well as the security concerns that go around across the web. It will be possible to understand the current topics of privacy and security, together with the required preservations that exist in specific critical areas. More so, the book creates and understands the possible future changes that will continue to affect how we do things to increase privacy. The development is necessary today and in the future.


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This is research conducted to increase the understanding of internet privacy.


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