For Macbeth, this worksheet should include: Act IV-V

  • (For those working with Macbeth, here is a PowerPoint I have put together to help you with the text: Macbeth PowerPointPreview the document. If you do not have access to the Introduction of Macbeth, please use/read this one:

To receive full credit, please submit an annotation worksheet for your reading of the section for your book. You can submit separate annotation worksheets or one annotation worksheet for all the sections.


  1. Rhetorical Context (Who wrote it or created it? Why was it written? What is it trying to do to or for its readers? What is it? Where does it appear? When was it published? What is its genre?)
  2. Summary (What does the text say? What are its main points? What did you find most interesting or important?)
  3. What are THREE golden lines from the text? (Quotes that stood out the most.)

Quote 1:

Evaluation/Significance of the Quote (Why did you choose it?):

Quote 2:

Evaluation/Significance of the Quote (Why did you choose it?):

Quote 3:

Evaluation/Significance of the Quote (Why did you choose it?):

4.Evaluation (Is the text convincing? Why or why not? What new knowledge did you get from reading this text?)

5.Questioning (What questions do you have about the text? What would you ask the author if you could speak to him or her directly? Do you have any questions to ask your fellow students or the instructor?)


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Shakespeare, W. (1869). Macbeth. Clarendon Press.

The tragedy of Macbeth was written in 1606 by William Shakespeare. The play whose theme is a tragic drama was first published in 1623 and it was written for the Scottish people when the society was characteristic with violence between families and clans fighting to control trade territories. The play was written to depict the difference between tyrannical rules and kingships. From the onset the play shows the effects of greed and oppressiveness to a people in hierarchal societies.

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