Answer the questions

 Answer the questions

Project 1 Guiding Questions for ENC 1102

This project asks you to analyze the arguments that two stakeholder organizations make about their conflicting views on a given issue. You will find common ground between their two viewpoints, and suggest a compromise that both stakeholders can actually do.

These guiding questions will help you choose two specific stakeholder organizations with seemingly incompatible viewpoints about an issue. After you have answered the questions, use the rest of the assignment sheet to start drafting your paper, or follow your instructor’s directions.

  • List at least ten stakeholder groups that have a voice or viewpoint on your topic.
  • Choose four specific stakeholder organizations and write their slogans or mission statements. You can find slogans or mission statements on the organization’s website. Be sure to cite your sources.
  • Analyze two stakeholder organizations that seem to have conflicting viewpoints on your topic. What are their viewpoints, and how are they different?
  • Stay with your two stakeholder organizations from question 3. What do they have in common? Describe the goals or values that the organizations share.
  • Given the shared goals and values that your two organizations share, describe a part of your topic that they could both agree on—that’s your common ground.
  • Explain how your two stakeholder organizations could achieve a compromise. What would each stakeholder organization have to contribute? What would each stakeholder organization have to give up?
  • What needs to happen to accomplish your compromise? Prove that your compromise will actually work using research.

the broject will be about Resolving the Issue of Illegal Mass Surveillance

for the first point include NSA and public ( this mean I need only 8 stakeholders more ) also these two point need to be in the second point and finaly for the third point use these exactly tow points.

this paper should be in mla format

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Electronic Frontier Foundation, Mozilla, Reddit, FreedomWorks, American Civil Liberties Unions, Amicus, Calyx Institute, Breadpig, BoingBoing, Center of Media Justice, CorpWatch, Center of Media and Democracy, and Center of Democracy and Technology have interests in resolving the issue…

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