Application: Google Case Study

Application: Google Case Study

By studying the business practices of other organizations, you will become more aware of the steps needed to begin and establish a successful venture. In the case study involving Google, you will investigate its rapid launch into a publicly-traded firm and the impact it had on the marketplace.

Read “Google: An Entrepreneurial Juggernaut”, and after reviewing the case study, write a 300-word response to the following question:

Do you think Google was acting in an ethical manner when it “poached” talent from other firms, rather than using its own innovation that carried it to a successful launch? Respond Yes or No and defend your point of view, based on case facts. Be sure to support your argument with research rather than personal opinions.




Solution Preview

Yes, I believe that Google did act ethically when it poached talents from other firms. Google had been innovated by two Ph.D. dropouts from Stanford University who were Brin and Page in 1998. The two had discovered a marketing tool that would have been used to revolutionize advertising. 

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