Applying a Sociological Lens

Applying a Sociological Lens

Sociology is the systematic study of human behavior and is observed through one of major lenses (structural functionalism, social conflict, symbolic interactionism, and utilitarianism). For this assignment, think about your own life, experiences, schooling, family, work, etc. In a 1-2 page paper, define each of the major sociological perspectives/lenses and explore how different aspects of your own life can be understood through each of these sociological lenses. Be sure to include references to support your definitions, but actually define the sociological perspectives in your own words.
Assignment Submission:

  • The use of outside resources is strongly recommended, and all papers must be cited and written in current APA format. • When you have completed the assignment, click the Submit Assignment option in the menu to the right and select a format for submitting your assignment.

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