Describe the legal and ethical considerations in the scenario

Short Discussion: What Would You Do?

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Select one of the scenarios below, which involves making ethical decisions in IT.

In your initial post for this week, answer the following questions:

State which scenario you have selected
Describe the legal and ethical considerations in the scenario
Explain what you would do, given the scenario
Scenario 1: You are a new employee in the role of senior solutions architect. You have over 10 years of experience as a solutions architect in a large company known for its cutting-edge technology. Your new company asks you about the tools and content that were in the information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) at your previous company. Your new company’s leadership is wondering if you can embed some of your previous company’s best practices into the ITIL to ensure that IT practices are up to date. After all, you were hired to help your current employer stand out among its competitors.

Scenario 2:

You work in the IT department for an institution of higher education. You complete a routine security audit for one of its systems that contains confidential student information. During the audit, you notice several areas of vulnerability, such as a lack of encryption on certain files and no password protections for searching student information. You bring these concerns up to your supervisor, who says that the department’s budget is too tight right now and they don’t have enough personnel to update the system. There are also a lot of staffing switches taking place across departments, and there is a concern that job responsibilities will quickly change among leadership positions.

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Describe the legal and ethical considerations in the scenario


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