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You need to submit two pages together:

Tab for Excel Sheet: The Non-Functional Requirements excel sheet.

Tab for Summary: A summary of your Architectural Design – what Architecture are you using and why: Thin Client-Server or Thick Client-Server and why? 2-Tiered, 3-Tiered, or N-tiered and why? This can be a word document or pdf.

Summary: .doc, .pdf, or .xls files only submit your Hardware/Software Specification as discussed in class and your text. You can submit any type of document but it must cover your client (if any) and your servers (if any). For example, if you list a 3-Tiered client-server Architecture then what Hardware and Software will your client need, and what Hardware and Software will your two Servers need? Like the text, you must cover the Hardware, Software, OS, and Network requirements

Hello, Yes I have prof notes for the First summary

So I’ll move over to this assignment. This is the architecture design. Again, there are two parts. You have the excel seed and the summary, which will go to the excel sheet that’s available on the page right there. It’s one we went over in class. Essentially you are looking at the various areas of requirements and then putting what your system would need to the best of your imagination, to the best of your abilities. And again, we went over this in class. And then along with that, so you’re going to turn that in. The next tab here is the summary. And so again, what is the summary or what did you deduce from your architecture design? Are you needing a fan or a thick client-server architecture and y, which one would it be and why? And then would you be two-tiered or end-tiered? And why that is, you know, what, what servers do you need? What? Why do you need a multitiered system architecture for your system? So I can only be a paragraph or two, but the bulk of the work is going to be the excel sheet. Please again, make sure you’re paying attention. You have to separate tabs. About 90% of the class does successfully, and the other 10% just don’t pay attention. So yeah, that’s, that’s a, again, we went over the stuff in class and the summary is just thinking about what you’re coming up with from your requirements. So if it has to be available for portable devices and Android OS, and obviously you’re, you’re listening as a thin client and you’re also talking multiple servers because you need an application server, you need some type of an inner internet server. And at service, I need some type of database server, cuz you’re not going to be storing or doing a lot on that and client. So that’s just an example there. And we’ll look at the other Simon here shortly. As always, if you submit this before Friday night, probably eight o’clock or so, I’ll be able to look at it over the weekend. It is a holiday weekend, I’m pretty busy during the actual Saturday and Sunday, so I probably won’t be able to get to it.

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What is the summary or what did you deduce from your architecture design


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