Art and History

Let’s lighten your load a bit this week and only write two responses! Please choose any two of the following. Romanticism vs realism – define each and compare/contrast one example of each

  • Define Impressionism and describe two specific examples
  • Explain how the theme of war has influenced 20th century art – use two examples
  • Explain how the theme of psychology has influenced 20th century art – two examples
  • Choose one of the following artists and explain how they have contributed to art history with innovations: Picasso, Van Gogh, Dali (suggested 2-3 examples)
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Impressionism was an art movement of the nineteenth century that focused on the use of distinct color patterns to bring life to a particular work of art. Impressionist paintings had a significant relationship to reality since their images were often representations of things that one could easily identify in the real world…
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