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article analysis 

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complete an article analysis and ethics evaluation of the research using the “Article Analysis and Evaluation of Research Ethics” template (attached.)


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Article Analysis and Evaluation of Research Ethics

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Article 1

Muthige, N., James, S., & Morton, D. (2019). Midwives’ perceptions of their role in mode of birth decisions. British Journal of Midwifery, 27(4), 229-234.


Point Description
Broad Topic Area/Title The role of midwives in determining the mode of births for women under their care
Problem Statement

(What is the problem research is addressing?)

What role do midwives perceive themselves to play in the ultimate decision on the mode of birth of women under their care given their expertise and assessment of the patients’ health?
Purpose Statement

(What is the purpose of the study?)

To explore and describe how midwives perceive their role in facilitating the choice of mode of birth of women in labor at public sector birthing unit
Research Questions

(What questions does the research seek to answer?)

The research herein lacked a clear research question but the responses provided in the data collection process answered the question on the role of the midwife in determining the choice of method of birth for their patients.

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