Article Review

Article Review

use any of these:

Jeanne Theoharis, “‘They Told Us Our Kids Were Stupid’: Ruth Batson and the Educational Movement in Boston”

Jonathan Kozol, excerpt from Death at an Early Age

John Updike, Marching through Boston” (Blackface! Minstrel Shows“Yes Sir, Mr. Bones” video clip recommended for context)


Noel Day, “The Freedom Movement in Boston

Web sites: “Boston Before Busing“; “Martin Luther King March on Boston Flyer and Brochure“; and “Studying Struggle and Sacrifice

Jeremy Wolff, “A Timeline of Boston School Desegregation, 1961-1985

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The main point of view of the reading is Martin Luther King’s March together with 50,000 other people in Boston in April 1965. This march was conducted to protest racial imbalance in schools and segregated housing…

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