Article Review and Critique

Article Review and Critique

Submit a 7-10 page critique and review of the article, which includes the title page and the reference list. Follow the guidelines below:

Use the quantitative or qualitative research article that you located and that your instructor approved as part of the Week 5 assignment.
Provide an APA reference for the article you select.
If you selected a quantitative research study, use the “Quantitative Article Review and Critique. If you selected a qualitative study, use the “Qualitative Article Review and Critique.” Respond to all the questions.
Be sure to include the questions in your critique. This will cause your Turnitin report to show high similarity to other students’ papers. However, do not be concerned about that. Do, however, appropriately paraphrase and cite specific details from the article you review.

. For this assignment, you review a published research study with two purposes in mind:

Observing the structure and content of the article
Comparing the content of the article to the recommended content of sections for a research study.




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• Observing the structure and content of the article
Research papers are structured in a manner that the flow of information moves from general to precise and later to general again. Each section of the paper has its content with particular information about the research. Each paper has a structure and its unique content. Most of the research articles have these parts; title, abstract, introduction, literature review, methods, results, conclusion and references or bibliography.

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