article writing

article writing

Pick a particular moral topic, any moral topic of your choosing, and analyze it from an utilitarian perspective. Remember, the only considerations that matter for act utilitarianism are consequences of actions, the instances of happiness and suffering created. Use this framework to evaluate what is morally right with respect to the topic you’ve chosen from the utilitarian perspective. Give examples and explain how a utilitarian would approach things.

Remember to write at least a page and a half, double-spaced.




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As a topic in most debates, euthanasia has been regarded as a dilemma by most individuals. The act has gathered both supporters and people who advocate against it since it would mean a loss of life. Most debates which revolve around this moral dilemma focuses on whether the decision to end one’s life can be made by the patient who is either disabled or is gravely ill even though he has a rational mind. Some of the persons who support euthanasia, in particular, voluntary euthanasia

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