Aspects of communication

You will be interviewing multiple individuals during this course. This week, reflect on the path to success that you learned about during the interview you conducted for the Phase 3 Discussion Board. Also, reflect on your own communication and interviewing skills.

Respond to the following questions in an APA-style paper of 800–1,000 words, addressing the importance of communication in individual success, effective communication tools, and helpful skills (such as motivational interviewing) that can guide change-focused conversations.

  • What aspects of communication were identified in the interview as most important to developing and promoting career success?
  • When thinking of your own life experiences, how has communication played a role in your successes?
  • What strengths and weaknesses can you identify in your interviewing skills?
  • What are some of the motivational strategies and skills (such as motivational interviewing) that individuals need to motivate others to change?
I have attached the interview that was conducted ..
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Most of the times, the importance of communication in our day to day life is often overlooked. It is important that we put across our opinions and views in our life to enhance the achievability of individual career goals….
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