Assess the importance of Port Management Security.

Assess the importance of Port Management Security.

Respond to the below discussion questions….. You are expected to give complete answers. Reference to, or the use of critical thinking, analysis, what you have learned in previous courses, the media, and in your professional lives is also expected. Define the subject; make references to what you have read, what you have learned elsewhere, and then form a response.

The following historical incidents happened over 60 plus years ago. Assess the lessons learned from these port incidents and discuss measures taken to mitigate these issues from happening again. Support your response in a paragraph or two for each of the following: Halifax Explosion – 1917

Pearl Harbor – 1941

Port of Chicago – 1944

Texas City – 1947




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The Halifax Explosion happened on 6 December 1971 when two ships one which was carrying explosives meant for World War 1 collided thus causing a large explosion that killed 2000 people, maiming and blinding another 9000 and leaving around 25000 people homeless. As a result of this tragedy, treaties and international maritime standards have been set up and these include; strict laws on dangerous goods,

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