Assessing Employee Behaviors

Assessing Employee Behaviors

From a human resource management perspective, you would have heard that an organization’s most important asset is its people. Therefore, employees’ behavior will have a very important impact on the organization’s ability to make changes that are successful and sustainable. This assignment will reinforce the importance of this concept.

Research the theories and practices associated with identifying organizational problems and engaging employees using the Internet resources.

Respond to the following:

Examine the role of diagnosis in assessing employee behaviors.
Explain the use of a systematic framework for guiding diagnosis and evaluate the key ingredients of a diagnostic intervention.
Identify means by which you can overcome the climate of silence that blocks mutual engagement.
Define the role played by after-action reviews.
Give reasons to support your statements.

Write your initial response in approximately 200 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.




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Point 1
Diagnosis is learning about organizational dynamics and how to how to improve its performance by taking the most appropriate action. A trained diagnostician can use diagnosis to monitor the actual behaviors of employees and give direction on what should be done to improve the performance of an organization.

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