Assessing the Marketplace

Assessing the Marketplace

Choose three companies. Post your thoughts on why you believe the first builds customer value through value excellence, the second through operational excellence, and the third through customer excellence. Make sure you thoroughly explain how they are successful in the way that they carry themselves in these very different opportunities. A total of three sources is adequate for this question.




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Whole Foods is a flourishing grocery store chain which makes a use the values of excellence in building customer value, excellence is a measurement of their people. Whole Foods goes further here, delineating six dissimilar ways they prop up “team member excellence and happiness.” Therefore, this organization has plainly deliberated deeper on how to turn the value of excellence into a competitive gain. The actual analysis is “walking the talk.” concerning Whole Foods, it is simple to notice how the value of excellence is creating a disparity for them. They initiated out with a dreadfully niche focus but now they are swiftly expanding and they always do it incredibly well, which permits them to charge more. They are recognized as a premium brand, which advocates an imperative employment of value of excellence in building up customer value. This way they are in a position to build competitive differentiation.

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